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Welcome to All Things Cosplay.

Updated: 2 days ago

Welcome to the All Things Cosplay blog. I am here to say I am ready to deep dive into the world of cosplay from closet cosplay to intricate costume creation cosplay. How to blogs, opinion blogs, news blogs of cosplay conventions I watch or have been lucky to attend. Journey with me as I experiment with everything involving cosplay from a cosplay piece's concept to creation and all the way to the final photoshoot of each piece I choose to attempt to replicate.


I have spent most of my adult life curious about cosplaying characters I have grown up with. To run around as Harley Quinn. To pretend to be the Evil Queen or Princess from any Disney classic fairy tale. To be able to recreate a character from a video game or create a real-life version of a character I have created in a games such as Skyrim has always been a dream of mine.

For the longest time I was shy, insecure. Hesitant. I gave excuses such as I'm too old to play dress up. To tall. To short. Wrong hair, wrong eye color, wrong face shape. You name it? I claimed it. Eventually I realized. So what? So what if I'm a girl who wants to run around as Jack Sparrow? So what? If I look nothing like Poison Ivy? Or Harley Quinn? Or any Disney princess around? Should that really matter? The answer was so obvious I ignored it. It does not matter how old. How young. How, well, anything I am. I want to cosplay to have fun. Forget all these judgemental views I have. Lets dive into cosplay anyway.

And so, my friends, the adventure begins. Lets get into anything and everything cosplay. Deep dive with me as I make simple costumes. Fancy constumes. Failed constumes. Laugh with me in excitement when cosplay peices work and watch me tear my hair out in fustration when cosplay pieces fail. Enjoy the comedy and tragedy that happens as I create cosplay.

Enjoy my journey as I attempt to become more of a professional at creating and acting in cosplay. I hope to bring inspiration, laughter and add a sense of comfort as I attempt this crazy journey. Either way, it is sure to be weird, hilarious, sassy or informative for each blog I post.

Invite a friend who these blogs to inspire and bring cosplay freedom. For future visual in-depth videos, feel free to subscribe.


Written by: Alesha C.

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